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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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earlier this afternoon and it has now (current conditions). 3 earlier we had white out conditions all over siouxland. which was probably the cause to more than 20 accidents in the sioux city area and more on the i- 29. in some places, the traffic was completely stopped due to accidents. the woodbury county sherriff have also issued a tow ban. so if your car is stuck, you might have to wait to get your car out until conditions improve. city buses are still running, but they are behind schedule. remember to make sure you are driving slowly in these conditions and pull over if you feel unsafe or cannot see the road. 3 also especially with the tow ban, make sure to have your emerengcy kit in your car with blankets and plenty of warm clothes. stay safe and bundle up siouxland, reporting in downtown sioux city, i'm kayla novak.back to to you. 3 3 3 as kayla mentioned...
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officials have responded to more than two dozen accidents just in woodbury county so far today.we captured this video of a rollover accident on highway 20 near correctionvill e earlier today.other cars have found their way into ditches throughout siouxland. and as kayla also mentioned... a towing ban is currently in effect in woodbury county and monona county... so if you don't *have* to travel, please stay off the roads. 3 an accident in cedar county last night has claimed the life of a south sioux city man.25- year- old aaron surber was driving on highway 15 south of laurel just after 7 last night when he crossed the center line and hit an oncoming pickup.that collision caused surber's jeep to roll several times and eject him.he was not wearing a seatbelt... and was pronounced dead at the scene.his passenger *was* belted in... and received minor injuries.the driver of the pickup was not injured. 3 it's not all doom and gloom tonight... we've got some
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*good news* from one woodbury county processors inc of sergeant bluff is planning *another* multi-million dollar expansion.our jaclyn driscoll joins us now...jaclyn, what's the company planning. 3 3 diana... a-g-p received a unanimous go ahead from the board for their second expansion in less than a year. 3 a-g-p is adding a 38 million dollar biodiesel facility. this will double the capacity of biodiesel fuel from 30 million to 60 million gallons per year... increasing the demand for soybeans. this demand, as well as the plant itself, will benefit our local farmers. 3 "agp is currently owned by 165 local cooperatives, which in turn are owned by 250 thousand farmers throughout the midwest. the earnings that agp makes as a regional coop gets passed back to those local coops and back to the local farmers. 3 woodbury county did agree to a tax abatement schedule of up to about 5 million dollars... meaning the company will not
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have to pay taxes on the new addition for 6 years. 3 "they are doing a value added process which means it's not being shipped somewhere else to be processed so we benefit from the farmer raising the crops, as well as processing it into a usable product which is sold all over the world. 3 construction of the first expansion is already in process... 3 3 both projects are set to be complete in 2017 and will add 23 full time jobs. 3 3 sioux city police are investigating an armed robbery on the west side.police say an employee of k and n auto was robbed by an african-american man at gunpoint just before noon.the suspect came in and asked if he could come outside to look at his car.when the employee came out, the suspect displayed a gun and demanded money.the worker handed over his wallet and the suspect ran away.police say they have surveillance video of the
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incident from a neighboring business... an are looking for the suspect. 3 3 before the worst of the winter weather showed up today... some sioux city students got a lesson on preventing bullying.students at nodland elementary in morningside got that lesson from a familiar face... ronald mcdonald.the mcdonald's mascot taught kids to beat bullying by befriending each other... and helping and supporting friends whenever possible. 3 "today i going to be visiting with the kids about well ways to deal with an ugly subject bullies. yeah. but the best way to beat a bully is to be a friend."this morning's stop at nodland was just one of several planned by ronald mcdonald throughout siouxland today. 3 3 and while students were learning how to prevent bullying... other members of the community were learning about issues surrounding marijuana legalization.while the issue isn't up for debate in iowa at the native american tribes in nebraska and south dakota are at various stages of the legalization process.a police
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officer from colorado delivered the keynote address. colorado, of course, legalized the use of marijuana in 2012. police sergeant jim gerhardt says legalizing marijuana nationwide would be bad for public safety. 3 "any time you allow again another impairing substance to become a mainstream drug that people start to use you are already adding to your existing problem."thornton says if we knew about tobacco and alcohol years ago what we now about marijuana *now*... those substances may have never been legalized either. 3 it was standing room only at briar cliff this morning to see senator ted cruz speak.the republican presidential candidate had a lot to say the crowd of about 120 people. he laid out his plans to abolish the i - r - s and simplify the tax code if he's elected. and after the paris terror attacks... the texas senator calls any plans to bring syrian refugees into
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the united state *lunacy.* 3 "i am leading the fight in the senate to stop president obama and hillary clinton's plan to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. why? because the administration itself admits it cannot vette these refugees to determine if theyr'e isis terrorists among them. we know isis wants to embed terrorists among them, we know they've done so successfully and that the reports are at least one of the paris terrorist came in with the refugee wave."cruz was introduced by iowa representative steve king. king says cruz is the first candidate he's actually *endorsed* in 8 years. 3 while cruz works in the senate to block the refugees' arrival... all three siouxland governors are asking president obama to put a hold on the program.nebraska governor pete ricketts sent the president a letter expressing his concerns over the security precautions. he says quote "we request you
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immediately review the process by which you conduct background checks... and address the gaps acknowledged by your director of the fbi." 3 3 south dakota governor dennis daugaard says his concerns are rooted in reports that one of the paris attackers appears to have entered europe with a group of refugees.while he has signed the letter to president obama... daugaard says south dakota hasn't received any syrian refugees in the last 3 years and doesn't expect any to be sent to the state. 3 3 iowa governor terry branstad also signed the joint letter to the president.along with ricketts, daugaard and branstad... 24 other governors have signed that it... the governors ask the president to suspend all refugee placement until a review of security procedures is complete. 3 as paris marks one week since its latest terror attack... a deadly hostage crisis at a hotel in mali is craig
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operations troops say the scene is clear... but not until armed islamic terrorists killed as many as 27 people... including one american. 3 nats clappingby standers applauded mali troops who helped end a standoff at a hotel in the country's capital. islamic extremists armed with guns and grenades stormed the radisson blu hotel.witnesses say the men shouted "god is great" in arabic during their assault.and spoke in both french and least 170 people were taken hostage. nats security forces went door to door and led dozens to news has learned as many as 14 of the hostages are american. president obama was asked about the siege during a meeting in malaysia. sot: (obama) "we're monitoring the situation."standup: (craig boswell/washington d.c. 38-45) "22 u-s department of defense employees in the city are all safe. five were at the hotel at the time of the attack." french soldiers and some us special forces helped in the
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is popular with foreigners. employees with air france and turkish airlines were staying there. two terror groups with ties to al qaeda are claiming responsibility for the deadly siege.craig boswell, cbs news, the state department. 3 al qaeda linked extremists took over mali in 2012. france launched a military intervention in 2013 and thousands of french soldiers remain in the country. 3 one of the fastest- growing trends in medicine is the growth of urgent care clinics.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll look at some examples of when it's appropriate to visit urgent care... or the traditional emergency room. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris neyenhouse."
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3 neyenhouse."3 3 3 when you have a pressing medical problem, do you head to the emergency room or an urgent care center? as cbs news correspondent marlie hall found out, it depends on what ails you. 3 a sports injury left cyril forde with two fractures in his right hand. (sot cyril forde/patient) this was the result of one hard shot. somebody much younger and robust in his soccer skills. (track 2) he chose to seek treatment at mount sinai's urgent care center rather than the emergency room. (sot cyril forde/patient)it's great, very convenient, very quick. (track 3) medical director judah fierstein says urgent care is best for non-life-threatening fierstein/medical director,mount sinai urgent care and multispecialty physicians)a minor cut, um which you know can be repaired in the office or a fracture or a minor illness (bridge marlie hall/cbs news, new york) urgent care facilities can take x-rays and can do some
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advanced care and testing like ct scans, experts say go to the hospital especially if you have symptoms of a stroke or heart attack. (sot dr. judah fierstein/medical director,mount sinai urgent care and multispecialty physicians) ( 22:09:42 as a general rule if you're having severe chest pain or abdominal pain you should go straight to a hospital. ) but doctor peter shearer, medical director of mount sinai's emergency department says there is some gray area. (sot dr. peter shearer/medical director, mount sinai emergency department) maybe you've been having a fever and a cough, and maybe you have pneumonia. some of those cases could definitely be managed in an urgent care center. some are better in a hospital based emergency department. experts say it's best to use an urgent care center that's affiliated with a hospital. that way it can share records if you have to go to the hospital after all. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. 3 experts say people with underlying conditions including diabetes and cancer, should always seek treatment at a hospital. 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 chad and diana talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 3 we have a few pictures to share with you guys that our viewers posted on our siouxland facebook page. the first one is from scott knutsen from elk point, south dakota..and here is another picture from oma ven rensburg from le mars, ia. thank you for sending the pictures and you can keep 3 posting them on our siouxland news page.
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midnight cst tonight tonight...snow in the evening then partly cloudy after midnight. snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches. lows around 13. north winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph becoming 10 to 15 mph after midnight. saturday sunny. highs around 24. northwest winds 10 to 15 mph becoming west in the afternoon. saturday night mostly cloudy.
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to 3 10 mph. >> 3 3 dakota valley's volleyball team is inhe state championship tournament. we'll show you how theyr're doing. and the explorers send another pitcher off to a major league organization. chris has
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3 "sports with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 3 the road to a state championship is never easy. potential pitfalls at every turn, the opposition is fierce, and it seems like there's countless ways it can all be derailed. well you could say the same things about the actual paved tar mat roads between siouxland and cedar falls today. and it's why we'll have to wait until monday to see whether western christian and spirit lake take home the hardware. 3 this is what i saw on i-20 near correctionville on the drive back from the uni dome this afternoon. in near white out conditions you can see why ihsaa decision-makers made this call. this would have been about the same time western christian could have been driving a bus back. in fact the wolfpack was 20 minutes from waterloo yesterday when the decision was made. coach koima told me they had dinner there then headed back. he texted me today and said the team will practice tomorrow night, in sioux falls. on of the players dads is a minister so they'll have their own church service sunday night when they get to the hotel in waterloo. spirit
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lake coach josh bulluyt tells me the team hadn't left yet yesterday when the decision was made so they did *not* have to turn around. they'll head to the dome monday morning. 3 so here's the schedule for monday. it's the same as they would have been today. all tickets bought for these games will be honored but the games with *not* be aired on our sister station kpth which really bums us out. the games will be on a live webcast however. so weweern chchstian takes on regina at 11 a-m in the 1a final. spirit lake and mount vernon go for the 2a crown at 2. 3 a class "a" matchup in the first round of south dakota state volleyball last night, featuring dakota valley and mobridge-pollock.***after winning game one, the panthers remain on the prowl in the second...meredith lammers booms one into the back row. sam good the back row. 3 sam good shield with the dig, but lammers gets a second
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crack at it, and delivers the ahead to game three, off the tigers' serve, hannah cummins sets up elizabeth lammers, and the sophomore paints the back stripeand rick pruett's squad completes the sweep of mobridge-pollock 25-16 in the third.and dakota valley moves on to face sioux falls christian in the semis, the same sioux falls christian that beat them in the semis a year ago. 3 and that will be a rematch tonight at 7:30. dakota valley fell 3-1 to s sux falls christian a year ago. they'll get their chance to avenge that loss in just over two hours. 3 the explorers announced today that the pittsburgh pirates have purchased the contract of right handed pitcher patrick johnson. the reigning american association pitcher of the year set the franchise record for wins and strikeouts last year. it's the second player to head to a major league organization this offseason after relieve rob wort's contract was purchased by the boston red sox earlier 3 and we now know that offseason will be over on may 19th. that's when opening day will commence at lewis and clark park against the canaries. the next three will be on the road in sioux falls. 3 3 3 3
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to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph becoming 10 to 15 mph after midnight. saturday sunny. highs around 24. northwest winds 10 to 15 mph becoming west in the afternoon. saturday night mostly cloudy. lows around 11. south winds 5 to 10 mph. >>3 3 3 3
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have a great evenininin ( sirens ). >> pelley: terrorists storm a luxury hotel and a former french colony.
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many are dead, including an american. but more than 100 have been rescued. also tonight, parisians take back their cityne week after the attacks. presidential candidates debate controversial new ideas for increasing u.s. security. and steve hartman on how to explain evil to children. >> reporter: but i learned the biggest birdbrains are parents like me who think we can just gloss over terror with a white captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: one american is dead in a new act of terrorism. this time it happened in the capital of mali, a former french colony in west africa. terrorists stormed the radisson hotel today. mailan a a french special operations forces freed more than 100 hostages but at least 19 people were killed. elizabeth palmer in france is
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>> reporter: hotel guests were rushed to safety after an assault that began shortly after 7:00 a.m. they'd been trapped in their rooms when gunmen drove up in a toyota s.u.v. with diplomatic plplesnd stataed shooting. mailan special forces set up an antiterrorist cordon, and then helped by their french counter-parts and one off-duty american special forces member, they moved floor to floor evacuating more traumatized guests and staff. those rescued included about a dozen americans, among many foreign diplomats and businesspeople, who were taken to a nearby sports center where embassy staff came to pick them up. "at about 6:50" said this eyewitness "some men started shooting everywhere," shouted allahu ackbar. they were jihadi. >> the french defense minister degrees. he says there was little doubt
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this man mokhtar belmokhktar is
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